The mission of HAAWC is to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities by acknowledging the symbiotic role of animals in human advancement and healing. HAAWC intends to affect positive change through education, research and program development that utilizes the human-animal bond. Through individual and collaborative endeavors, HAAWC is unique in its approach to:

Healing – HAAWC will develop therapies and programs designed to meet the specific needs of clients.
Awareness – HAAWC will provide multi-disciplinary educational programs designed not only to advance the theory of the human-animal bond, but also to provide practical application and guidelines for professionals.

Advocacy – HAAWC will advocate for individuals and communities by empowering them with programs utilizing the human-animal bond.

Wellness – HAAWC recognizes animals as a valuable gateway to human wellness.

Community Development - HAAWC will create unique programming designed to provide communities with a sense of pride and purpose. Collaboration with existing service providers, community agencies and other complimentary initiatives will unify existing resources and create cost effective solutions.

HAAWC intends to serve as a leader for animal assisted programing for people, and human assisted programs for animals.

Our goal is to create wellness centers that provide resources, healing, and education for humans and animals.

The Human-Animal
Advocacy & Wellness Centers